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The Gazette van Detroit?

There are an estimated one million Americans of Belgian descent. Hundreds of thousands Canadians have also Belgian roots. So North America has a lot of people who have Belgian blood. Through the years there were many initiatives to maintain the link with the former homeland. One was the foundation of the Gazette van Detroit.

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The Gazette van Detroit still alive and kicking !

Next year the Gazette van Detroit will celebrate its anniversary, and for sure it’s a special one. Not only because it will be the centennial jubilee, but also because the Gazette van Detroit is the only Belgian newspaper that still exists in the US and Canada, written in a mix of English and Dutch and read on both sides of the Ocean.

Like many other media, the Gazette van Detroit also faces difficult times. As we are approaching the centennial of the Gazette van Detroit a number of projects are planned to celebrate this next year but also this year. On June 23 there will be a fundraising Lunch Meeting in Knokke-Heist.